I paid the price and lost what I thought I needed 

But in the end I’m cold yea I left her speechless 

This is just a snap shot of last straws 

Doubt surpassed my last dawn im that raw


Until it’s hunt, I cut all they heads off 

Mongolian grill with the hot sauce 




See this is just a vibe check 

Do you feel alive yet 

Breath it in, are you high yet?

See this is just a vibe check 

Don’t get it mistook 

It took what it took


We are open books 

It took what it took

12th & Pine

12th and Pine is a project by Marshall Law Band that includes an album, a graphic novel and a documentary. Produced by Jack Endino, the album is a secular sermon that delivers a visceral punch. A product of this time in Seattle, Marshall Law Band's new project is the next step in the revolutionary ideal for human rights and social justice set forth by civil rights leaders including Dr. Samuel B. McKinney from Mount Zion Baptist Church who brought Dr Martin Luther King Jr to Seattle in 1961.

(C) Marshall Law Band 2020 All Rights reserved. 

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